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Are you putting off getting a proper pharmacy website designed?

It’s the beginning of the year and traditionally a time when businesses consider their plans and aims for the year ahead.  Part of that process may (or should) include getting a proper pharmacy website that can actually help drive the business forward.

You may have been putting it off as don’t see it as important?  That is probably true if your website is static and just provides a way of customers finding out your contact details  

You may think your customers won’t use it or are too old?  

You may think a good website will be expensive or have had some quotes that put you off?

Are you waiting for a good reason to finally get going now?

How about repeat prescription ordering via Website and Mobile App – if you’re not offering it, your competitors are.  

And here’s another 10: - 

• £99 or £300 per year – no hidden charges

• EPS2 is here and not going away 

• Ecommerce – without the risk.  It appears it is being offered by you but The Pharmacy Centre runs it behind the scenes.  You own your customers and can switch off anytime. 

• Your website will at least pay for itself if simple advice is followed.  With a little more effort you can make money 

• A good website and accessible customer data adds real value to your business and is an attractive benefit to a potential purchaser 

• There is no tie – in period

• The largest network of independent pharmacies in the UK

• Offer over 8000 pages of health information to patients including NHS Choices

• Customer marketing to increase business and loyalty 

• Your customers expect you to have a website and will move to a competitor if you do not offer modern convenience or information is not available

See what other NPA verified pharmacists think here:


Latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures confirm the 65+ age group are the fastest growing segment of the UK population getting online.

On 15 May 2013, as part of the Internet Quarterly Update, ONS reported that 42.4 million people in Great Britain had used the Internet, representing approximately 86% of the population.

You can’t get some NHS commissioned services without a website   

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