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Falsified Medicines Directive and the new EU Pharmacy Logo

We have been kept abreast of discussions between the MHRA, RPS, GPhC, Pharmacy Vocie, The NPA etc. regarding the new mandatory EU Pharmacy logo under the Falsified Medicines Directive.

All member pharmacies with our whitelabel shopping enabled will be covered by our fulfilment of your online store and the appropriate logo will be displayed on all our websites.

Any pharmacy or member where users can order a prescription online (Web/App) fulfilled by the pharmacy or who have anything medicinal for sale via in-store offers which they charge for online or over the phone, will also have to apply for their own logo from the MHRA and then send to us.

Any pharmacy offering an online doctor service where the prescription is fulfilled on behalf of the pharmacy by the online doctor service's pharmacy will also need have to have that pharmacy's logo on all relevant pages. 

If you sell through Amazon or Ebay or any other platform, you must apply for the logo and it must be displayed on all your pages in Ebay or Amazon's marketplace. 

Application for your logo on The MHRA website has just become available. For the first year logos are free. Click here to Register 

No decisions have yet been made by the MHRA although we hear there is likely to be a charge in future. It is unclear if that will be for new applicants or if there will be a recurring accreditation fee

The law comes into effect July 1st but as the MHRA is responsible for accreditation and enforcement and registration has only just been opened, verification and issuance of logos will take some time.They do not expect pharmacies to be compliant overnight but will start warning over non compliance from the autumn.

Given that registration is free and the penalty for selling or supplying medicines online without being registered and not displaying the logo is up to 2 years in prison or a fine or both, we strongly advise all members to apply as soon as possible and forward them onto us.

All members are free to contact us for advice.