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Legal advice and help for independent pharmacies

We speak to pharmacists all day and every day (and evenings too) and always listen to comments and suggestions and discuss the difficulties independents face whether customers or not.  That is why we are always developing new solutions and improving what we already offer which is way beyond anything else on the market.

One common issue is legal advice, from employment law to standard operating procedures.  Where can you go when you need some crucial advice about a legal issue that you can trust.  The NPA are limited, rigid and pretty monolithic and pharmacy specialist lawyers start the clock at £250+ per hour as soon as you contact them.

For this reason we will be launching a new service exclusively for independent pharmacists with a partner solicitor with a wealth of experience in pharmacy who has proved his value time and again to other pharmacies.  He has saved many independents - from single stores to large independent chains - a great deal of time and money and possibly worse!

The Pharmacy Centre already has a well-established reputation for providing unrivalled service and value for money and we intend to build on that.  We will be releasing details soon but the beauty of this service is not just the incredible pharmacy specific experience you will be benefiting from but the fact that you can just call for an informal chat first.  There will also be a guide to standard legal services with standard price lists to help.

Just get in touch if you would like or need any detaisl sooner.