What is PharmaPlace?

PharmaPlace has been setup to bring together pharmacy OTC buyers and independent suppliers. Normally a buyer must go to these suppliers individually to setup an account and order. At PharmaPlace we have brought the suppliers to one place to allow pharmacies to improve their retail OTC offering.

Is PharmaPlace really free?

Yes! The site was built for the pharmacy owner and by a pharmacy owner! We have decided to create a FREE platform to help pharmacies adapt with the reduced NHS funding. PharmaPlace has no charge to pharmacies, nor adds any margin to the products. We take a small fee from the suppliers, and they have agreed to give their best trade pricing to those on PharmaPlace.

Why buy from PharmaPlace?

  • Over 100 brands in one place with no accounts needed with each supplier
  • Significant promotions and extra margin offers – all prices are the suppliers direct prices.
  • If you get bulk volume discounts from a supplier these can be potentially loaded to the site for your bespoke pricing
  • Pay by credit card and get up to 55 days credit and your card rewards
  • Automatic invoicing and easy monthly VAT statements for your accountant
  • Ability to contact suppliers to get point of sales, samples, testers, education etc.
  • Automated replacements process if items are missing or broken
  • PharmaPlace should make the life of your buyer easier. We work with the suppliers, so their reps can focus less on ordering and more on added value help with demo’s and staff education.

What credit do we get?

On PharmaPlace you can pay with any card - using a credit card avoids paying upfront and you can get more credit days than direct from a supplier! With a credit card you get up to 55 days credit and also you benefit from the Airmiles and cash back rewards of using the card.

Who sends me the goods and what about the free items from suppliers?

As this is a supplier-led system, all your orders come direct from the supplier. There is no unofficial stock, or old stock sitting in a third party warehouse. On the checkout page we also have an opportunity to request samples, testers or a rep visit if you require anything extra. This request is passed directly to the supplier. Remember, suppliers offer us samples, testers, PoS and Reps to help educate our staff and do in-store demos – make use of it! Don’t ask don’t get.

Buyer Benefits

Aggregating Suppliers in one place

  • No need to ‘find’ new brands through Google or magazines as there is a curated list on the platform
  • No need to sign up with each suppliers individually

Simple buying process like with Amazon

  • In one checkout a Buyer can buy from multiple sellers
  • No need to contact each supplier via email, telephone, fax, web or in person anymore

PharmaPlace will work to get Pharmacies

  • Better margins and more promotional offers
  • Lower free delivery amounts

Reduced invoice and payment admin

  • Invoices are all on the system. So no need to print them and store them, or even chase them from suppliers
  • Payment is made by a credit card, like Amex, so the buyer gets up to 55 days credit, rewards and cash back and no need to make manual BACs payments at the end of the month
  • The accountant has all statement

Buyer - Searching for Products

  • We have a clean and simple buyer view
  • Buyers can search products by category, SKU, brand, Supplier or description
  • Buyers can pick favourite products for quick reordering and also create templates for regular purchases.

Buyer - Multi-Supplier Shopping Cart

  • When Buyers check out, their basket shows their purchases by supplier and whether they have met minimum order conditions (if any).
  • Buyers can have different brands from multiple suppliers in one basket.
  • Upon check out, the order is split up by Supplier and send to each to fulfil.
  • After the Buyer has made their purchase, they have no more admin to deal with. Payment has been made and invoices for their accountant are readily available on the platform.

Buyer - Invoice Management

  • All invoices are kept on the system for tax records.
  • There is the ability to download individual or a batch of invoices.
  • For your accounting team, we also provide a condensed end of month statement to reduce your book keepers data entry time

Cost to Pharmacies

There is no cost to the Pharmacy to use the platform.

- No Sign Up fees
- No ongoing usuage fees
- No extra margins added by PharmaPlace

PharmaPlace is truely free for buyers

Suppliers also have to put on their offiicial Trade Prices, or better. They cannot have a higher price than if a buyer goes direct.

Some of the Brands on the Platform