Our Partners

The Pharmacy Centre works with a number of independent pharmacy buying groups to provide website services for their members. Buying groups work with us to provide a free benefit to their members which helps them to sign up new members and retain existing ones. Alternatively, buying groups can work with us to have an own branded product that they can sell to their members to create an additional revenue stream.

If you are a buying group, wholesaler, pharma co, brand owner etc and are interested in working with us to provide a valuable benefit to your customers or members we are keen to talk to you. We already provide almost 1000 pharmacy sites to buying group members. One buying group has grown it's membership by by 12 times since working with us and the site offering has been a key part of their membership recruitment and retention strategy.

The Pharmacy Centre also works with white-label and co-brand e-commerce and health service partners to integrate shopping and service offerings into our site network.

So, if you are a brand owner and are looking at providing a direct to consumer store, a health service provider (eg private doctor service, on-line weight loss or smoking cessation support provider) we can integrate your store into our network of sites. We can also work with our member pharmacies to promote brands and services in their bricks and mortar stores.

Please contact Oliver Harris on 01494 618 570 or use our quick contact us form.

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