In the UK we have got to this position through providing independent pharmacies from single stores to larger sized multiples with a “major” chain digital experience for their customers on the web and mobile for a tiny fraction of the cost. It's both the scalable web / mobile platform we have developed that enables us to rapidly set up and maintain large numbers of sites / app instances at a very low cost and the business model that enables independents to compete and thrive online on a more even playing field with the majors.

Over the years we have had many international enquiries which we have regretfully had to turn away whilst we built our technology and business here in the UK. Today, we can rapidly prototype and develop country / market / vertical specific instances of our platform whilst maintaining version consistency in terms of libraries, security, cdns, core framework, apis etc.

We are especially interested in speaking to international partners (buying groups, systems vendors, wholesalers) or agencies who may be interested in co-developing or licensing our pharmacy platform and adapting our business model for local markets or developing other opportunities in partnership.

We can also deliver UK based pharmacy and private doctor services internationally in partnership with our pharmacy partner and investor, an award winning privately held regional pharmacy chain in the UK with sales in excess of £100 million pa.

Shadow Prescribing and Global Fulfilment

One such opportunity is working with local partners in countries where there is a consumer market for UK sourced medication either through a price differential, local quality of supply issues or simply scarcity. Through an ethical mechanism dubbed “shadow prescribing” where a UK based doctor in effect re-writes the customer's prescription after an online questionnaire, receipt of scan and original prescription and voice / Skype consultation with the customer's prescriber if necessary, the original prescription can effectively be re-issued as a UK prescription and legal filled by a UK pharmacy and courier directly back to the customer.

Please make initial contact via our contact us form or call directly on: 01494 618 570