Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ)

Since 2007 all pharmacies must conduct an annual community pharmacy patient questionnaire (CPPQ) as part of the pharmacy contract in England and Wales. Although mandatory the questionnaire offers a great opportunity for pharmacists to find out what their patients and customers think and for patients to provide valuable feedback to community pharmacies on the services they provide so it is important to value it and choose the right provider.

The Pharmacy Centre already works with over 1500 independent pharmacies and have an established reputation within the industry for incredible value and customer service. Due to demand we now provide the most cost effective and efficient solution on the market.

With The Pharmacy Centre, what you get is..

  • Questionnaire pads (print option) online survey stickers, one reply-paid envelope, a pharmacy poster, an explanatory survey guide, together with all the data inputting, analysis and a detailed, business enhancing report.
  • Provides an alternative independent questionnaire completion option (via an online address), which is a PCT requirement.
  • Addressed envelope for you to return your completed forms to us.

After we have summarised the results..

  • You receive coloured graphs and percentages (on paper or electronically) to make the results easy to understand
  • A paper report indicating the areas you have performed well in and those that might require some attention
  • To see an example report please click here

After Sales Service:

  • If you mislay your report we will send you a new copy of the graphs and report at no extra cost
  • If you own several shops we will send copies to the shop and head office if you require it
  • If your PCT want to see back copies from previous years and you have mislaid them we will supply these electronically FOC as well

And it only costs as little as.. £50 plus VAT

  • For the minimum number of returns (50) it will cost you only £50 plus VAT
  • For the maximum number of returns (150) it will cost you only £150 plus VAT
Average monthly script volume (Items) Minimum number of returned surveys COST + VAT
0-2000 50 £50 +VAT
2001-4000 75 £75 +VAT
4001-6000 100 £100 +VAT
6001-8000 125 £125 +VAT
8001-upwards 150 £150 +VAT

Alternatively, we can offer a low-cost online option!

  • We can offer an online only low cost service option - you print your own questionnaires and input them from your store directly into our online system or you can use a link to the survey from an iPad / computer directly with patients to cut out the printing and the input at store.  This costs £35 per 50 questionnaires.  Results can be displayed on your website if desired.
  • This includes all costs - there are no hidden extras

Survey requirement details..

  • The minimum number of returned surveys for each pharmacy is based upon the average monthly script volume. This ranges from 50 surveys for a pharmacy dispensing fewer than 2000 prescriptions a month to 150 surveys for those dispensing over 8001 prescriptions a month.
  • The survey must have the name and address of the pharmacy on it must be distributed from these premises.
  • Only persons who have received NHS services from the pharmacy should be surveyed
  • Surveys should be distributed to a range of customer types so that the results will reasonably reflect the pharmacy’s business profile.
  • Examples include:
    • An appropriate mix of patients who have received an MUR and those who have not received an enhanced service;
    • Even distribution over the opening hours of the pharmacy, including weekends and extended hours;
    • Inclusion of patients who have their prescriptions delivered to their homes (if they represent a significant number).

For reference, here’s a link to the official regulations: Patient Questionnaire
We also offer other surveys such as Diabetes and can provide an unrivalled service and cost for any requirements, Please get in touch to discuss specific details by completing this enquiry form: 01494 623 033

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