Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ)

The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) and the new PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY 2022/23.

It costs £40.00 only.

The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) is back with the new PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY 2022/23 and is a 2022/23(1st April to 31st March) requirement to support your NHS pharmacy contract. All pharmacies need to complete the patient survey based on their monthly prescription volume.

For 2022/23, NHSEI and PSNC have agreed on the following topics that contractors must use in their Patient Satisfaction Survey.

TOPIC 1 - The ease of being able to speak to staff privately without being overheard.

TOPIC 2 – The provision of advice on health problems and healthy living.

TOPIC 3 – The timeliness of provision of NHS Services.

We provide all the necessary materials at the Pharmacy Centre, including questionnaires, envelopes, and guidance notes. This survey is managed by our professional market research division (members of The Market Research Society, UK). We are also a PSNC listed provider.

The NHS/PSNC requirement includes using more than one method of submission of patients’ feedback responses (e.g. face-to-face, postal, email or web-based submission) to ensure feedback across a broad patient base and a wide range of patient demographics.We provide both anonymous paper-based (can be used face-to-face or postal) and web-based submissions to meet this requirement. You could also email your unique survey link to your patients.

The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) meets the NHS contract requirements for 2022/23, or you can have the new PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY 2022/23, which addresses the three topics agreed with NHS/PSNC. You can also have a**unique survey developed should you require to address the three topics and include local questions unique to your pharmacy.

We provide:

  • Detailed instructions on how to carry out the survey.
  • Paper questionnaires that can be handed out to patients.
  • Pre-paid envelopes to return the completed questionnaires.
  • A store poster to encourage participation, with a QR code. So patients can complete the survey on their mobile phones whilst waiting in-store.
  • We also provide you with an online version of the survey, which you can post on your website or App and pass to your patients for completion online.
  • A full report, including a printed summary report (PDF), that can be displayed in-store as per the NHS requirements.
  • Telephone support with conducting the survey and interpreting the report results.
  • The number of patient responses required is based on your monthly prescription volume.

It costs from £40.00 only.

Prices exclusive of VAT

Number of prescriptions Number survey responses Standard Cost Cambrian group and NPA members discounted rate *Online only
0-2000 50 £55.00 £50.00 £40.00
2001-4000 75 £82.50 £75.00 £60.00
4001-6000 100 £110.00 £100.00 £80.00
6001-8000 125 £137.50 £125.00 £100.00
8000+ 150 £165.00 £150.00 £120.00

*Online only: provides a survey link and QR code which you can either send to your patients or display the QR code in-store for their self-completion on their mobile phone, or conduct face-to-face, using your in-store iPad or mobile phone. The survey link can also be posted on your website, or if you print the survey, you can input the survey responses online. No paper copies or prints are supplied, or input from paper completed surveys are provided. If you choose this option, it’s important you use at least two methods as detailed above.

**Unique Survey design: additional £50.

Please note: The survey is anonymous. However, if you chose to send the survey by email or other means,i.e.,WhatsApp, there’s a possibility that the respondents are identifiable. You must comply with GDPR and NHS personal identity, privacy and confidentiality regulations. As per NHS Gateway number 07631, INFORMATION GOVERNANCE PROGRAMME. The overarching position is that community pharmacies must comply with required levels of confidentiality and compliance with the Data Protection Act set out in the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

The Pharmacy Centreis the country’s foremost provider of CPPQs/Patient Surveys in England and Wales, delivering successful CPPQ campaigns to some of the largest UK’s Independent Pharmacy Groups and organisations and a variety of independent pharmaciesin the past five years.

Additional information:

The questionnaire needs to be accompanied by an explanation to the patient as to what it is for, how to complete it, options for it to be returned and what will be done with the responses provided. This information may be provided verbally, but it would generally be beneficial to provide this in writing to the patient.

Suggested wording, which may be personalised by the pharmacy:

Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire: We always try to provide you with the best possible service.We are asking NHS patients to fill in a short questionnaire about the service we provide. The questionnaire is anonymous.Please help us by completing the attached questionnaire. Your views are important to us. It will only take a few minutes to complete.Please [insert methods of returning the survey, e.g. place the survey in the collection box on the counter/return the survey using the freepost envelope etc.]. We will use the results of this survey to improve the services we provide at this pharmacy.Thank you. Pharmacist name/Pharmacy Name.

Optional Information Governance question

In 2010/11, Level 3 requirements were added to the NHS Information Governance arrangements (requirements 212 and 214),requiring pharmacies to check that patients understand their consent choices and feel that their wishes are respected and that patients trustthe pharmacy to hold information securely. Evidence of meeting these requirements could be achieved by adding questions to the annual CPPQ;
suggested wording is outlined below:

1. After you receive services or advice from us, we may retain some of your health information so that we’re best placed to help when you next visit the pharmacy. We always ensure his information is safely stored and kept confidential. Are you happy with our procedures, or do you have any concerns? Yes/No

2a. In certain circumstances, the pharmacy may need to ask for your consent to share your data with another healthcare professional to support your care. We will never pass on your health information without your express permission. Has the pharmacy ever asked for your consent like this? Yes/No

2b. If yes, do you feel your wishes were respected? Yes/No

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