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Be careful out there

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet (there our others that will occasionally do that for us) today has reminded us yet again of the many companies out there happy to take your money for a pharmacy website but not deliver what you paid for.

We had a pharmacists in tears on the phone while telling us they are in a 3 year contract costing £50 per week and there was nothing they could do.  She hadn't been able to get hold of anyone on the phone for weeks and emails had gone unanswered.  Eventually spoke to someone today who basically said you signed and contract and that's it despite the fact she has not been given what she originally signed up for either in terms of the website of the results she was promised.

Make sure you don't sign a contract - we don't even have one - without having a thorough demonstartion of what you get and taking up some references from other customers.  There are many stories of companies stitching pharmacists up with long contracts, taking the money and disappering, charging over a thousand pounds for a simple site, £10,000 where you still have to do your own ecommerce and even over £20,000!!!!! - names on request :)

Choose a company with a good reputation - it isn't that hard to ask around and find some people you trust.  The NPA have launched an ecommerce website service with Healthcounter and it is worth comparing what they offer with what we provide before making any decision.  The functionality and costs are worth comapring and we are also an approved NPA partner.  

Good luck finding the right solution for you, we are always happy to chat through requirements as impartially as possible but be careful before committing your business to a website.