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Script Directing

There has been some coverage of script directing recently and it's nothing new as far as we are concerned.  We heard anecdotally of this this years back and this has increased recently.  Pharmacy2u has been critisied again recently in articles like this for not making their position clear and you only have to look at the comments section of places like Chemist & Druggist to see it isn't isolated incidents.  Is it a coincidence in areas where EPS2 is being introduced pharmacy2u are dropping leaflets and marketing materials / promotions?

The good busines practice and ethical side can be debated by both sides until the cows come home the fact is directing prescription business is not illegal as long as there are no financial incentives offered.  'Incentives' can be a grey area too but what can an independnet pharmacy who feels under threat do about protecting their script business?

The simpliest thing to begin with is offer your customers the same service, or better and the conveninence of being able to order their repeat prescriptions online at any time that suits them.  You can do this using our repeat prescription ordering system that integrates with your website and synchs with the smartphone ordering app if that want to use that too.  It can be configured in whatever suits the user for high or small volume, can send out automatic statuses like ready for collection, delivery, approved etc. etc., stores the customers medicines so they don't have to type them out each time, sets reminders on when to order again, allows batch forwarding onto surgeries etc. etc.  

Your customers know you and like dealing you.  If you encourage them to start ordering their repeats through you online it is very hard for someone else to encourage them away from something they are happy with to use a similar service (in all likelihood inferior).  It also provides the added benefit of flagging up any drop in script business early so you have the chance to do something about it.