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EPS2 is here and it's not going away! Your script business might?

Like it or not EPS2 is here and here to saty. It is rolling out across the country and the roll out is gathering pace.  This opens up the oppotunity to others to target online prescriptions and unfortunately there is every chance it could develop into one giant bun fight.  

Are you ready?  Plenty of others are, including some well-resourced companies, who are after your scripts.  We saw Walgreens (the biggest pharmacy chain in the US) buy Alliance Boots last year and this week Celesio Lloyds was bought by McKesson (the biggest wholesales in the US).  It's no coincidence - two giants lining up to target the European market.

Boots are offering loyalty points and vouchers to customers.  It's not illegal unless cash inducements are offered.

Pharmacy 2u have been waiting for this to happen, they are also part-owned by Emis - who also own Rx Systems) and have been discussed in the trade press recently for alledgedly unclear and aggressive (and possibly unethical) leafleting / marketing around surgeries where EPS2 have just launched.

Then there's Chemist Direct who have recently raised over £6 million with the stated aim to specifically use the investment to target the online prescription market. elsewhere.

So what can you do?  A sensible defensive measure is to get your customers nominated and ordering online through you. If that are already doing this and are happy with the service there are far less likely to move.  They can order via your website and / or the smartphone app - both sych and update each other.