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Pharmacy website design

Does website design matter? 

Yes but not always in the way assumed.  Many customers focus on a website that 'looks nice' and try and come up with some sort of aesthetic masterpiece.  This thinking is understandable but a distraction.  A website must be simple for customers to use and be clear as to what is offering.  That is the no.1 priority for a website design - clear and clean.  Some clients insist on doing it their way and it can become cluttered and too busy, with no clear message, for example here

Nice, good quality images make a huge difference and if available should be incorporated (large if possible) but poor images should be avoided altogether. 

Never be afraid of white space either, it can be very effective and help create a clean look.  Do not feel you have to fill in all the gaps or use lots of bold, strong colour. Remember a website on a screen can look different to something on a page or piece of paper and use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are growing rapidly.  The links are very much part of the website and should be used to show how to connect to the other sections, the point of the homepage is to show you how to get to the areas of interest as quickly as possible.

We help you by offering lots of templates (over 20) which we then customise to your requirements.  Some are focused on community pharmacy appearance, some on repeat prescriptions, some on ecommerce, some a combination etc. We also offer a custom design service if you require something totally bespoke and unique.

I will post some examples later.