Will it be successful?

Author :
The Pharmacy Centre
Date added :
Tuesday 14th of September 2010
Last revised :
Thursday 23rd of September 2010


This partly depends on your definition of success. Your site comes with all the main features and capabilities of sites run by the major high street chains and will do as little or as much as you want it to do. We ensure you have a website the envy of competitors including our expertise in pharmacy, health content, web design, databases, innovation for those members who want it and utilising our network for your benefit in search engine optimisation to drive sales to your on-line store. HOWEVER, we cannot overstate the importance of you promoting your new website. No one will find you if they don’t know you’re there or what you can now offer. Once they do they will come back. Tell everyone, encourage everyone to tell everyone else! Promote your website to all your customers. Again we help with this. We have a promotional help area where you can order business cards with your website address on – perfect for popping into every prescription bag. You can choose what services to advertise on the card. We also offer leaflets and other promotional materials for ordering.