How does driving my web presence help me against the large multiples?

Author :
The Pharmacy Centre
Date added :
Saturday 25th of September 2010
Last revised :
Saturday 25th of September 2010


When a customer is newly diagnosed with a condition they will leave the consultation probably not remembering much of what was discussed as it was unexpected. They may well have a prescription and will want to seek out more information, usually on-line. If a customer finds information about their condition, on, for example, Boots’ website, you now share that customer's attention with Boots. If they have found good information from the Boots website, a relationship now exists with Boots which increases the risk of losing that customer the next time they require a prescription. If Boots signs up that customer to their online repeat prescription service from the heavy promotion on their site, that customer has been lost. However, if you sign up your customer to your repeat prescription service and they find good information on your website their loyalty to you increases and you have them ‘locked in’. Using your customer health wallet you can continue to provide them with a more personal and valuable service than major multiples or supermarkets.