How do the costs of a Pharmacy Centre website compare to me getting a local website development company to build my own site?

Author :
The Pharmacy Centre
Date added :
Saturday 25th of September 2010
Last revised :
Monday 7th of October 2013


We don't think this is even comparable because a Pharmacy Centre site has over 1,000 pages and many levels of functionality such as white label e-commerce and a customer health wallet and customer marketing tools; a basic static website will typically cost you £500 if built by a friend and £2,500+ if built by a competent web design company. Neither of these options will be managed and are unlikely to include hosting etc. and annual costs will range from £100s to £5000. (We have many clients who have spent 5-10k for a less useful website). You would also have to source and integrate your own health advice content. Net Doctor license their content out to other websites at a cost of £250 per condition per year. If you set up your own online store you would have to buy or otherwise source thousands of images, product descriptions, warnings, PILs etc and that is before you source an e-commerce application, integrate a payment gateway and organise SSL encryption and data back up to comply with patient confidentiality and data protection laws. C&D charge license fees for their core e-commerce product database feed.